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What to Include On a Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Photography Questionnaire for Weddings

Wedding photography questionnaires are a great way to capture your client’s needs and expectations. On your questionnaire, you should include things like timeline information, information about important people, and other information that might be useful for you to be able to serve your clients well.

In this blog post, we will go into a little more detail about what things you should include on your questionnaire so that you can have the best possible client experience.

The Importance of a Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Sending a wedding questionnaire about 8-10 weeks before your client’s wedding can help gather all the information you need in order to capture the images that are important to them. As a photographer, it can help you feel more informed going into the wedding day knowing your clients’ expectations.

As a client, your questionnaire should help them to think through some of the most critical parts of their wedding day so that they can also feel confident that their needs and desires can be heard. 

For some photographers, this questionnaire also serves as a jumping-off point for helping their clients to formulate their timeline for their wedding day. Oftentimes, if a client is not working with a wedding planner, some of the things that you cover in the questionnaire will be their first chance to think about how those things might look on their wedding day. 

Wedding Photography Questionnaire Template

Essential Information to Gather on Your Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Starting off, there is some essential information that you need to gather for your clients. You will want to be sure to gather the most important times during the day such as the ceremony, dinner, and dance. I also like to gather details such as addresses for getting ready, the venue, etc. 

Ask about any restrictions that might be in place for the venue, so that you can be prepared in advance for what things you can and cannot do during the wedding.

Gathering contact information for the bride and groom such as cell phone numbers also can be helpful here if you don’t already have that information. 

You should also gather information about their preferences for first look, sunset photos, receiving line after the ceremony, etc.  

Another thing that is essential is a spot for any specific requests that a couple might have for their photos such as locations they had in mind, special heirlooms or traditions,  or anything else that might be unique to the specific couple.

Information About The Family

The wedding photography questionnaire is a great place to ask about family. Asking questions about names and relationships can help you on the wedding day to connect more deeply with the friends and family of the couple. This is especially true for the names of parents and siblings. 

It is also appropriate to ask if there are any special considerations that you should be aware of such as divorce, wheelchairs/other disabilities, or anything else you should be sensitive to that might impact how you pose people. 

Other Vendors

On your questionnaire, you might also choose to ask about the other vendors that will be present on the wedding day. For some people, it helps to know who you will be working with in advance, but you also have the opportunity through this to connect with those other vendors as well. Asking for names + websites of other vendors can help you connect with them both on the wedding day and after when you are sharing your gallery and blog posts.

In Conclusion

It is important to be thorough in your questionnaire so that you can get all of the information that you need to serve your client well. 

Depending on your workflow, you might choose to use the questionnaire as a jumping-off point to meet with your client to talk about their wedding timeline. Regardless of how you choose to proceed after the questionnaire is filled out, both you and your client should be on the same page. It should also give your client more confidence in their exact timeline for their wedding.

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