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The Perfect Wedding Photography Workflow

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To create the perfect wedding workflow for your photography clients, you will need to set clear expectations, communicate clearly, gather all necessary information from them as you are able, and allow your clients to have some control over their experience. In this blog post, we go a little more in depth into how you can achieve that. 

Initial Contact With a Lead

The photography workflow begins as soon as your potential client reaches out to you for the very first time. We must take some care to ensure that immediately, their experience is a good one. 

First, ensure that you have an automatic response set up acknowledging that you have received their inquiry. Although these can seem less than personal, sending a confirmation can put the potential client’s mind at ease knowing that their email did go through and was received.  In this email, you might also choose to link to helpful blog posts or other information while they are waiting for a direct response from you. 

The Consult

Whether or not you offer a consult in person/via video call is up to you, but I highly recommend it! Meeting with your client face to face can help humanize the experience and allow you both to determine if you will be a good fit to capture their big day for them.

I highly recommend automating the scheduling of this through Dubsado or another CRM so that you don’t have to have multiple emails back and forth trying to find a time. 

Booking Process

Booking with you should be easy. Personally, I prefer to use Dubsado to send my proposal/contract/invoice all at once so that every step can be taken care of right away.

Don’t forget to set up an automatic email acknowledging that the client has completed the booking process. There is nothing worse than making a large purchase and not knowing if it went through, or if you did things correctly.

After the client has booked, you also could consider sending a bridal guide, thank you gift/card, or any other resources you might have to assist the couple with their wedding.

Before The Wedding

Before the wedding it might seem like there is not a lot that needs to happen in your workflows. But it is important during this part to check in with your clients on a regular basis. If you are offering an engagement session, that might also be something that happens during this point.

Sometimes we book clients months to years in advance, so checking in with them can greatly increase your client experience. Emails just to check in every month or two can go a long way. 

You might also wish to schedule a meeting with the client to go through their timeline together. Whether you are helping them craft this or not, it can be really beneficial to go through this together. Sending a questionnaire about 2-3 months before the wedding date can help you gather all the critical information that you need in order to do your job well. You might also take this opportunity to work on reviewing the names of important people you will be encountering on the day of the wedding.

After the Wedding

After the wedding, it is good to shoot for a sneak peek of the couple’s gallery as soon as possible. The sooner you can get the client some photos to enjoy, the better their experience will be. Once you have delivered your sneak peeks, you might also choose to feature your client on your blog with their images. 

Edit the images and deliver as soon as you are able. Over estimating the time that it will take you and setting your client’s expectations to be 8 weeks when you know you will typically be able to get it done in six not only builds a buffer in your timeline, but also exceeds the client’s expectations when you get them back their images sooner than expected.

Additional Tips

Communicate expectations clearly. Clearly outlining your experience in your proposal, contract, and other places throughout your client journey can help set your client up for a successful and excellent experience.

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