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How to Set Up a Discount Code For Clients

Running a Sale in Dubsado

Dubasdo allows you to create a discount code to be able to give a percentage or a fixed discount on your products or services. Here’s how they work.

First, create your discount code.

You can create your discount code under Templates -> Packages -> Discounts. You can determine the type, the amount, max number of uses, and the expiration date.

Once You Have Created Your Code, You Can Use it in One of Three Ways:

  • Attached to a proposal
  • Attached to a scheduler
  • Manually applying it to a customer’s invoice

You will need to determine which of these you will use the discount in and if you are using it with a proposal or scheduler, you will need to go into the settings of each respectively and assign the discount code in the settings.

A Few Things To Note:

 If you are using it on a Proposal or Scheduler, it will apply to the entire invoice. There is no way to automatically restrict it to one line item.

Clients will not be able to use the code on invoices that were sent outside a proposal or scheduler, but you can manually apply it for them on the back end via the invoices page in their project.

If you apply the code manually, you can restrict the code to only certain line items on the invoice by editing the individual line items and toggling the discount off.

Only one discount code can be applied to an invoice.

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