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5 Things You Need to Know to Start Offering Dubsado Setup Services

It is typical for an online business owner to start their business and then look for other opportunities for services. For many, it can take several different pivots in their business to find something that they love to do. Setting up CRMs such as Dubsado has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, and I want to offer some tips on how to break into this niche market. Here are five skills you need to be able to get started as a Dubsado Specialist.

Knowledge of the Software.

In this article, we are specifically talking about Dubsado, but this applies to any program that you wish to offer setup services for. This knowledge can be acquired in a variety of different ways.

If you are relatively new to Dubsado, I recommend starting with Dubsado’s Free Education Courses. These courses were developed by Dubsado to teach you how to use Dubsado and will give you a good education on how Dubsado works. Even if you watched them when you first signed up, if it’s been awhile, it’s always good to review them prior to starting to offer Dubsado setups.

You can also learn Dubsado through hands-on experience. I recommend actually getting in the software, playing around with all the features, and setting up some workflows of your own to get a better idea of how the program works practically. The education courses are wonderful, but hands-on experience is where you will truly start learning.

Knowledge of the Four Phases of the Client Journey.

The Four Phases are my secret sauce to helping set people up inside of Dubsado. Using these phases you are able to get a template of sorts for every single business you set up with a client journey.  You need to know what they are and what is included in each phase. From there, you will be able to guide your clients into crafting a client journey that serves their clients well and be able to offer advice on how to make that journey even better.

Never heard of the four phases or aren’t sure what they are? Watch this Video for More.

Knowledge of Basic Design.

One of the critical pieces of Dubsado setups is using their form builder to create beautiful, on-brand forms. As part of your service, it is generally an expectation that you will be designing the forms that your clients will be showing to their clients such as proposals, questionnaires, etc.

This is a huge responsibility as these forms will be what will help your client book their own clients. That means you are in a way responsible for their conversion rates! This means that knowledge of basic branding, form layout, and mobile optimization is necessary.

My favorite tool for designing my client’s forms is Dub-ins Genie. This allows me to create dynamic forms for my clients without messing around with touching code. Although Dubsado’s native form builder is perfectly fine on it’s own (And getting better each day!) I find that this little extra effort allows me to charge even more for both form designs and services as a whole!

Community to Support You is Critical.

Community in this industry is key to being successful. I cannot emphasize enough how good it is to have others in this industry to ask questions to. Without community, it’s super difficult to work through some of the complex things that come up in this area of work.

My favorite community for this is the Dub-ins Community. It’s the #1 Community for Systems Pros (Dubsado and beyond) and although there is a paid tier with many more benefits, it’s not a requirement to pay to benefit from all the knowledge of the professionals inside of it. Click Here to Join

You Don’t Need to Be Certified To Get Started.

Although being a Dubsado Certified Specialist can seem like a requirement, it’s definitely not! Although having a backing by Dubsado and a badge on your website might seem like it can help, even if you miss the opportunity to be certified for whatever reason, you can still have a thriving business doing what you love. In fact, some of the best ways that you can be successful include creating an amazing experience for your clients and building your authority in other ways such as podcast interviews, content you create, and relationships you build.

In Summary

Dubsado setups can be a profitable offering to add to your business if you love the software, love exploring how to make client experiences even better, and love helping people find creative ways to manage their businesses. It takes time and dedication to learn the skills and be able to charge a premium price for each setup, but if you love the work, it’s well worth it.

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