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Five Ways To Enhance Your Client Experience and Get More Referrals

Enhancing Your Client Experience as a Photographer

Taking time to review your client experience as a photographer can greatly increase your client satisfaction and the referrals that you get from your current clients. Here are five ways that you can start increasing your client experience today! 

Send a Surprise Gift

Sending a gift that your client isn’t expecting is a great way to be able to enhance their experience with you. Something as simple as a handwritten note can go a long way in their developing a relationship with you. Some other ideas could be a mini album, some prints, a Christmas ornament, or a small canvas.  You will want to ensure whatever gift you are sending is within your budget, and fits in with your brand. 

Make a Point to Learn Names

Learning names can go a long way in building relationships with not only your clients but other people who might be observing, such as wedding guests. Collecting names prior to a session or a wedding via a questionnaire is a great way to start making note of different people who might be part of the session or wedding party. 

By taking time to learn as many names as possible, you will not only make the client feel connected to you, but you will also make others feel connected to you as well, opening the door for them to potentially hire you in the future. 

Lean Into Automation

Using a CRM such as Dubsado can be a great way to be able to ensure that clients have everything they need in a timely manner and that leads are followed up with in a reasonable timeframe. By taking time to set up some workflows, you are not only freeing yourself up from all the admin tasks, but you are also making sure that your clients are taken care of.

Not sure where to start? Grab my Dubsado Workflows For Photographers  and start automating some of your admin tasks today! 

Buy Your Client Coffee

Many times, especially for wedding photographers, you are meeting your clients prior to working with them.  If your clients are local, you could treat them to coffee locally and meet in person. If your clients are not local, you can buy them a gift card and have it sent to them prior to your meeting so that they are still able to grab a cup of coffee on you!

Under Promise, Over Deliver

When we set realistic expectations and then surprise our clients with a little extra – whether it’s a quicker turnaround time, a few additional edited photos, or a special personalized touch – it leaves a lasting impression. Remember, it’s the small, unexpected gestures that often mean the most. Let’s strive to not just meet, but exceed, the hopes and dreams of those we serve.

Want to increase your client experience?