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How To Use Dubsado As a Photographer With a Wedding Planner

Dubsado For Wedding Planners

If you are using Dubsado and a wedding photographer, chances are at some point you will be serving a client alongside a wedding planner. Questions might arise as to what the best way is to move forward with your clients if you are trying to also collaborate with a planner. In this blog post, we will discuss how this might affect you and the workflow you create for your clients. 

What Your Workflow Might Look Like

Your workflow is going to be very similar regardless if you are working with a planner or not. The main job of the planner is to make sure that everything goes smoothly, that a timeline is built and followed, and that everyone is taken care of. Regardless of the planner’s role, there are a couple of things that you will always need to do with your clients. This might include:
   – Regular Check-In Emails
   – Legal/Financial things such as contracts and invoices
   – Setting expectations for gallery delivery, etc.
   – Doing Engagement Sessions

You can still build out your workflows to reflect these things and ensure they are still automated through your CRM of choice. 

When the Planner is the One To Reach Out

When couples work with a planner, one of the tasks often carried out is research of vendors. If you are in an area where using planners is common, it is quite typical for a planner to be the one to initially reach out to you to request more information and gather a price quote. You will need to ensure that at the time of booking, you create a project with the direct information of the clients if you have received the planner’s information first. 

Using The Dubsado Portal

Working with a planner is one time when I believe using Dubsado’s portal feature can be helpful. Setting up a portal for these clients can allow you to share access with the planner so they can see all the information along with the couple so that everyone can be on the same page. You can also share timelines, guides and other information here as well. 

In Conclusion

Working with a planner shouldn’t be too different than your normal workflow. If you typically work with planners, you can alter your workflow slightly to include them, or add a portal when you typically would not. Although not the most ideal setup, until Dubsado allows for multiple people being emailed through workflows this is the best way to handle working with planners.

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