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Wedding Photography Questionnaire

As wedding photographers, one of the ways that we can serve our clients well is by gathering all the information that we need to do our job and organizing it well. For many photographers, this means sending a questionnaire to their clients a couple of months before their wedding.


This questionnaire features four different sections that gather all of the information that you need from your clients to serve them well on their big day. It gathers information about the timeline of major events, information about preferences for different wedding elements, information about families, strained relationships, and everything else that you might need to know in order to do your job well. 

Code-Free and Customizable

Our questionnaire is code-free and customizable. One-click into your Dubsado account, as soon as you import it, you can add or remove questions based on your ideal client and what you might need to know about them. Add in your own imagery, personalize it to your brand, and you are ready to go.

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